Black Ridge

SOHO WINES is pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of varietal wines from California.  For many years, we have recommended to our patrons the great wines from Healdsburg Vineyards.  Unfortunately, due to current major changes in wholesalers and distributors in the New York market, these are no longer available.  We have searched the market to find a replacement of comparable quality (and price!) and believe we have done just that.  Black Ridge Vineyards in Lodi California produces excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah--wines for every occasion--at a price which will enable you to enjoy them every day!



  Bottle Case
2005 Black Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
--Surprisingly elegant style cabernet, especially for the price.  Great
             all purpose red!

2007 Black Ridge Chardonnay
--Typical California chardonnay, barrel aged with hints of
             fruit, great as an aperitif, better with fish or poultry.

  $7.99 $86.30
2006 Black Ridge Merlot
--Soft, easy drinking merlot.  A great all purpose red--perfect with
             pasta, lovely with lamb!
2006 Black Ridge Syrah
--Plump, rich, jammy--perhaps the best of the lot!  Forget about those
             boring Australian wines--a real winner!